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Roulette gambling is for everybody

By mr-gambling on 2016-03-27 11:32:15

Welcome to Easter morning and hopes that you remembered to put your clocks and watches forward one hour. Easter Sunday is always a strange day for online gambling as there is precious little sports gambling but there is always online casino gambling and what better casino game to play than the very simple and popular roulette. Roulette gambling is understood by most people but even if you have never played before it is very simple to learn as all you need to do is guess which number will fall and place your bets accordingly. The good thing about roulette gambling at online casinos is that there is such a huge variety of bets which you can place allowing you to back any number of numbers from one upwards and the odds paid are in direct relation to the numbers covered by a single bet so for example if you are gambling on red or black which is in effect a bet on all the red or black numbers on the board or odd or even you will receive even money but a winning single number bet pays out at 35:1. Online roulette gambling has no god bets or bad bets so for example two chips on a split between two number results in the same as two single bets on each of those numbers. There are however two things to remember about online roulette gambling and they are firstly that the zero is neither red not black nor odd nor even so bets on those will lose and secondly, if you have the choice do not play American Roulette as that casino game not only has a zero but also has a double zero increasing the number of slots on the roulette wheel to 38 but the odds paid are still the same as the 37 number game.