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Red Dog is a fast online casino gambling game

By mr-gambling on 2013-05-01 16:54:51

Online gambling has a number of options but the two most popular forms of online gambling are sports gambling and online casino gambling with of course online poker being right up there as well. Online sports gambling is for most people a question of a challenge of knowing enough about a particular sport to be able to forecast the result and of course the most popular of all sports gambling is horse racing but where online casino gambling scores is the fact that it is possible to win without any knowledge as some games are simply pure luck. One of those casino games is Red Dog and as well as being a game of luck it is also one of the fastest casino games around. Red Dog gambling involves only three cards and is simply a question of the third card dealt being in between the first two cards and if it is and you have decided to play, which you do not have to, then you win. Red Dog gambling starts then with the player placing an ante bet after which two cards are dealt face up; the player must then decide whether the next card to be dealt will fall between the first two. Clearly your chance of winning when Red Dog gambling are increased if one of your cards is high and the other is low with an Ace and a deuce being the best hand and this distance between the cards is called the spread but to encourage you to be more adventurous the online casino will pay better odds for a smaller spread than for a big spread. Note however that when gambling on Red Dog there is no such thing as a tie, your third card must be between the other two and not equal to one of them. If you are dealt two cards where there is no card in between them such as a six and a seven then there is a re-deal and if you get a pair when Red Dog gambling you will immediately receive a third card and if that makes three of a kind your ante bet is paid out at 11:1.