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Red Dog gambling is fast and furious but simple

By mr-gambling on 2014-08-24 12:12:38

Online casino gambling games come in all shapes and sizes and some are more complicated than others but the simplest of all has got to be Red Dog. Red dog gambling is played with one single deck of 52 cards and all that happens is that you are dealt 2 cards and you have to assess your chances of the next card to be dealt falling between the two that you already have which is why some will know this gambling game as in-between. The best hand when red dog gambling is ace/two as that gives the best chance of the third card fitting between the two but it is worth noting that even this is not a certainty as a third card which is an ace or a two will cause the hand to lose. The rules of red dog gambling are simple enough and all you have to is place your stake and the cards are dealt after which depending upon the cards that you have you can elect to raise by an amount equivalent to your original stake or simply to play the cards as they are. Generally the odds are paid at even money but where a spread is four or less the odds will increase to encourage you to make a raise. The spread in red dog gambling is the number of cards that will fit between the two that are dealt so for example if you have queen/seven there are four cards that will fit between so the spread is four. The only simple exceptions to the play of red dog gambling is when you have two consecutive cards or indeed a pair. Clearly with two consecutive cards when gambling on red dog the spread is zero which means you cannot win so it becomes a push and the cards are re-dealt but in the case of a pair a third card will be dealt automatically which if it makes three of a kind pays at 11:1 and if not the cards are dealt again. Gambling on red dog is fast and furious and very simple.