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The range of online casino gambling games continues to grow

By mr-gambling on 2017-08-19 10:00:51

In spite of a continuous stream of unfavourable publicity regarding things such as corporation tax or business rates payable by many of the big internet technology companies, most of us still continue to use them. We might moan about big online retailers such as Amazon not contributing enough tax or having an unfair advantage over their high street rivals in terms of business rates, but we are still happy to get cheaper prices and the convenience of delivery direct to our own door. For many of us internet shopping is almost becoming the norm for all sorts of things in our daily lives. In fact access to the internet has now become so important to us in so many different ways that most of us would probably struggle without it. Even how we use our leisure time is often dependent on access to the internet. We book hotels, theatre tickets and even whole holidays online, but of course many of us also enjoy gambling online. When online gambling was first introduced by the big bookmakers, it was clearly targeted at their existing sports gambling customers to provide them with the option of gambling online rather than through their local high street betting shop and in the hope that the convenience would persuade them to gamble more often. Since then online gambling has become more and more popular and not just among sports gambling fans. Soon after those first online sports gambling sites were introduced the bookmakers decide to build on the success of their investment in the technology and software they needed to set up their sports gambling sites by starting to introduce a few gambling games as well. The objective was to persuade their sports gambling customers to try playing a few gambling games as well as placing bets on their favourite sporting events, and therefore spend more time on the site. Once again gambling enthusiasts welcomed this new gambling option with open arms, and what we now call online casino gambling was created. All the well-known high street bookmakers quickly started to add more and more gambling games to their sites, so that in most cases the casino gambling part of their online gambling sites grew to become by far the biggest section of the site. The range of gambling games the site operators chose to introduce played a very big part in the success of those online casino gambling sites, because they appealed to several existing groups of gambling enthusiasts. Regular visitors to one of our real casinos were not only offered the chance to play traditional casino gambling games such as roulette and blackjack in the comfort of their own homes, but the online casino gambling sites also offered other traditional gambling games such as baccarat, craps and even backgammon, none of which were available in any of our real casinos here in Ireland. These gambling games were of course commonly available in many casinos in other parts of the world, but our casinos were generally too small to offer more than roulette and blackjack to their customers. The other main group of enthusiasts to be targeted by the new online casino gambling sites were of course the large number of bingo fans. For a variety of reasons many of the bingo clubs in our towns and cities have suffered a drop in attendance over recent years, but there is no doubting the continuing appeal of the game itself. Most of the online gambling sites operated by the big bookmakers were quick to introduce a number of different numbers games based on the concept of bingo, and of course they all proved extremely popular. Bingo fans were suddenly able to enjoy their favourite gambling game without leaving home, and although many of them still missed the social aspect of an evening playing bingo with their friends these bingo related gambling games are still among the most popular gambling games available online.

The traditional casino gambling games and the numbers games based on bingo were all extremely successful when they became available to play online, however it was not just because they appealed to existing sets of enthusiasts it was also because they could all be played online for very small stakes. The bingo clubs and the real casinos were all subject to the additional costs associated with operating on the high street, plus of course the costs of employing callers and croupiers, so that they had to set a minimum table stake or cost of a card which was sustainable with those extra costs. The online casino gambling site operators however were not subject to those additional costs so were able to offer their customers the option to play gambling games for very small stakes, which proved to be another big advantage for the online operators. The vast majority of the gambling games you will find on all the online casino gambling sites are however slots games in various forms, which again can be played for very small stakes. Arguably the slots games are the most popular of all the gambling games available online in terms of the number of people actually playing the games, and the quality and variety of the slots games is probably also the main element in most people’s choice of which online gambling site to register with. In spite of this the gambling game which has seen the biggest surge in interest as a result of the introduction of online casino gambling is undoubtedly poker. Poker is of course a very old gambling game, but the number of people in Ireland regularly plating poker had reduced considerably over the years. Since the advent of online poker however poker is rapidly becoming the game of choice for serious fans of online gambling, and the specialist online poker platforms are becoming more and more popular as a result. Even the international poker tournaments have seen the effect of online poker, and many are now so oversubscribed that they need to run qualifying heats to determine entry to the main tournament.