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Poor odds for fans of gambling on boxing

By mr-gambling on 2012-11-04 10:05:55

There has been a great deal of discussion since the London Olympics regarding the legacy resulting from holding the games so close to our shores. Much of this discussion has of course revolved around the number of people actually playing sport, but if recent reports are to be believed there has also been a significant effect on sports gambling. Gambling on sports clearly increased during the Olympics but it also appears to have maintained that impetus over the post Olympics period, particularly online sports gambling. Sports gambling in Ireland has traditionally been targeted primarily at horse racing, football and the GAA sports, with gambling on boxing probably one of the few Olympic sports regularly attracting interest all year round. Unfortunately for fans of boxing gambling, the sport is going through a rather boring period at the moment and it is difficult to find a scheduled bout without an overwhelming favourite. A quick look at the boxing calendar over the next two months does not offer fans of gambling on boxing much hope of attractive odds, certainly when it comes to simply predicting a winner. The next two serious bouts feature Wladimir Klitscho at 1/25 favourite to beat Mariusz Wacn, and Carl Froch also 1/25 with Paddy Power to beat Yusaf Mack. Perhaps boxing fans may have more luck with Ricky Hatton’s comeback fight on 24th November against Vyacheslav Senchenko, although even that bout only offers winning odds for Hatton at 3/10 in spite of his long absence from the ring. At the moment sports gambling fans of gambling on boxing need to look into the alternative gambling options associated with these fights to find any attractive odds. These include the manner of the victory, either points or KO/TKO, and of course the round or rounds in which the victory is secured. It is only in these alternative gambling options that boxing gambling fans will find anything like attractive odds.