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Poker gambling online now offers several versions

By mr-gambling on 2012-03-31 11:53:50

For many years gambling on poker in Ireland was generally confined to groups of poker enthusiasts meeting perhaps once a week at someone’s house for a poker school and a few beers. Some casinos did run occasional poker tournaments, but you certainly wouldn’t have described poker as a mainstream gambling game. It is debatable whether it was the televising of poker tournaments or the introduction of online casino gambling which changed the fortunes of poker as a popular gambling activity, but what is clear is that poker gambling online is going from strength to strength all over Europe. Most poker tournaments, including the Irish open are now played in the Texas Hold’em format, but there are a number of other variations of poker gambling available on many of the major online casino sites which are becoming just as popular with poker gamblers. For those who enjoy poker gambling with community cards, Omaha poker provides an interesting alternative to Texas Hold’em and also uses five community cards, but with each player being dealt four cards face down of which two must be used in the showdown hand. Also very popular amongst online poker gambling fans is 7-card stud poker, in which each player is dealt two cards face down and five cards face up, one after each of the gambling rounds. Another version of stud poker available at many of the online casino site is 5-card stud, with just one card face down and four cards face up. All these versions of poker gambling are detailed on our casino games pages at, and all comprise multiple betting rounds which often produce big pots. For those of us who are interested in gambling on poker, but do not have the budget to risk becoming involved in a gambling game in which stakes can rise above our means, the old fashioned poker game of 5-card draw is also available at many of the major online casino sites, so poker gambling is an option which most of us can now enjoy online.