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Pai Gow poker gambling is an ideal online casino game

By mr-gambling on 2012-03-11 11:52:35

One of the effects of the spread of online casino gambling is the resurgence of poker as a popular gambling game in Ireland. For many years the game of poker tended to be played amongst friends, perhaps just one evening a week as a men’s night out, but poker tournaments then started to be televised and along came the online casinos. Most poker tournaments throughout the world now concentrate on the Texas Hold’em form of the game, but there are of course many other forms of poker gambling available at the online casinos. Pai Gow poker is just one example of an alternative poker format, but because Pai Gow is played one on one against the bank it is an ideal poker gambling format for online gamblers. Pai Gow poker gambling is relatively simple in principle, in that the player and the bank are each dealt seven cards from which they are required to form two winning hands, one of five cards and the other from the remaining two cards. You will find the rules and some basic strategies on our Pai Gow page at, but here is a taster to get you started. Pai Gow poker uses a standard 52 card pack plus one joker, but the joker in Pai Gow can only be used as an ace in either the 5 card or the 2 card hand, or to complete a straight or a flush in the 5 card hand only. When gambling on Pai Gow poker the 5 card hand must also always rank higher than the 2 card hand, and the player must win both hands to win the game, although the bank can win if it wins the 5 card hand and the 2 card hand is tied. Pai Gow gambling is great fun if you enjoy your poker, but have a go in the free play option until you get the hang of it and do check the house rules at the online casino you are playing, because there can be variations in the ranking of an A,1,2,3,4 hand.