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Pai Gow is a good way to learn more about poker gambling

By mr-gambling on 2016-04-20 10:19:58

Since the introduction of casino gambling online fans of playing gambling games have been treated to a huge range of new games to choose from. For most online casino gambling sites the vast majority of the new gambling games are of course slots games in various forms, but fans of the more traditional casino gambling games have also seen more choice since these online gambling sites became available. Traditional gambling games such as craps, baccarat and even backgammon are now available to play at most online casino gambling sites whereas they were rarely if ever available at our real casinos in Ireland. As far as traditional casino gambling games are concerned however, the most popular game since the introduction of online casino gambling is undoubtedly poker. For serious poker gambling enthusiasts Texas Hold’em poker has become the game of choice, but almost all the casino gambling sites also offer a variety of alternative poker gambling games which can be played against the house for fixed odds. Amongst these other poker gambling games is a game which is perhaps not a particularly well-known form of poker called Pai Gow. Anyone wanting to learn about the hand rankings in poker may find Pai Gow poker an interesting place to start. Pai Gow poker is played with a standard 52 card deck plus one joker, from which the player and the dealer are dealt seven cards. The object of the game is to make two poker hands, one of five cards and one of the remaining two cards with the five card hand ranking higher, and the player needs to win both hands to take the pot. The dealer on the other hand only needs to win the five card hand and tie the other hand to win. This of course represents the house edge. A word on the joker, which in Pai Gow is not totally wild and can only be used to complete a straight or a flush in the five card hand.