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Pai Gow gambling is a good introduction to poker gambling

By mr-gambling on 2014-12-06 10:11:09

We are told that this is the time of year when every year we break all records and do more online shopping than ever before. There is no doubt that more and more of us are becoming comfortable with the idea of using the internet to help us manage our daily lives, and of course our leisure time. All the major bookmakers are reporting huge increases in online gambling for instance, with sports gambling online leading to a significant fall in the number of people using their betting shops. There is also a massive increase in casino gambling online and this is where most of the new money is being generated because online casino gambling offers an unprecedented choice of new gambling games for us to enjoy. Apart from the slots, poker gambling has probably seen the biggest surge in interest in Ireland and is now one of the most popular online gambling games. Serious poker gambling fans will naturally tend to play the Texas Hold’em poker format, but there are many other poker gambling formats to choose from some of which offer the chance to learn the game by playing against the house for fixed odds. Pai Gow for example is a simple way to learn how to form a poker hand and gambling on Pai Gow lets the player decide the stakes. The player is dealt seven cards from a standard 52 card deck plus one joker, and must then form two hands, one of five cards and the other comprising the remaining two cards. The five card hand must be the highest ranking hand and the player needs to win both hands to win the pot. When gambling on Pai Gow the joker is not totally wild and can only be used to complete a straight or a flush in the five card hand, or as an Ace in either hand. At most online casino gambling sites it should be noted that the dealer usually wins if they hold the best five card hand and tie the other hand. Pai Gow is good fun why not give it a try.