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Online sports gambling even covers minority sports

By mr-gambling on 2013-10-30 10:53:47

Here at we occasionally like to look back at the recent history of gambling and in particular the effect that widespread access to the internet through personal computers and other devices has had on our gambling habits. Clearly the online casinos have introduced casino gambling to a much wider audience, and they have also vastly increased the number of gambling games we can play, but what about sports gambling. The most obvious change our access to online sports gambling has brought about is that we no longer need to visit a betting shop or attend a race meeting to place a bet, but there has been another perhaps even more significant effect of online sports gambling. Our sports gambling is no longer confined to the main gambling sports such as horse racing, greyhounds and football. Go onto any sports gambling website and the list of sports will also include a huge number of what could be termed minority sports. In Ireland for example gambling on cricket was never high on the list of sports gambling activities, but many in Asia have always argued that cricket is a perfect sport for live gambling, particularly the one day games and twenty20 matches. Certainly cricket is a sport which is played at top level somewhere in the world all year round, and online sports gambling sites invariably cover all the matches wherever they are being played so gambling on cricket has increased as a direct result of easy access to online sports gambling. Even in Ireland where cricket is probably a minority interest sport, we have no doubt that the upcoming Ashes series in Australia for instance will be followed avidly by cricket gambling fans.