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Online gambling providers use specialised casino software

By mr-gambling on 2012-02-16 18:38:35

We are sometimes asked whether it really matters what casino gambling software a particular online casino is using and the answer really is that as long as the casino software comes from a reputable source or in other words one of the major software suppliers it probably does not matter too much. The only important consideration is whether you as the person who is gambling in the casino are happy with the range of games on offer and the graphics and sound. All the online casinos that we recommend here at use good casino software. It is often the case that general gambling software for an online gambling provider will be written and controlled by the individual company but online casino software is so specialised that most prefer to have partnerships with software suppliers. There are other reasons for using specialised casino software and they include the ability to offer huge jackpots; you may well have noticed when gambling at online casinos that two or more casinos look very similar and have the same range of games and in particular the same range of slots and this is because they are in fact using the same casino software but just badged differently. By doing this the jackpots are built up from all users of the gambling software which means that they accumulate much faster than would otherwise be possible. Sometimes in the Irish gambling world an online gambling provider will change from one casino software supplier to another as happened for example at Paddy Power casino last year; they will then launch this as a new casino but in actual fact you will find that it is similar to other casinos using that same software already. There are still some smaller online casinos who try to write their own casino software but if you are serious about gambling you should be careful about using these.