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Online gambling continues to grow

By mr-gambling on 2013-04-09 12:52:07

The 2013 Grand National is now over for another year, and once again appears to have maintained its reputation as the biggest sports gambling event in the calendar. This race is watched by millions all over the world and it is the day when those who enjoy gambling on sports regularly are joined by those people whose gambling may well be confined to just the Grand National and perhaps the Derby. This year many will have had their first experience of gambling online, and some experts now believe that the ease with which it is now possible to place bets with online bookmakers encourages the occasional gamblers to have another go on other sporting events, and even to try online casino gambling. Certainly almost every report you read confirms that online gambling is on the rise, although it is difficult to tell whether more people are gambling on sports or whether they go online as opposed to visiting their local betting shop. Certain sports also lend themselves to online sports gambling sites, and April sees one example of those sports with the Augusta Masters golf tournament. Gambling on golf is a real time gambling event, with full television coverage and a constantly changing situation over the full four days of the tournament. Golf enthusiasts who enjoy gambling on the golf majors were unlikely to keep rushing down to their local betting shop, but can now watch how the leader board is changing and adjust their gambling accordingly without leaving home. Sports gambling fans also have two more F1 motor racing grand Prix races in April, and of course the football season is reaching a climax both in the leagues and the cup competitions. Meanwhile we have also heard some pundits expressing the opinion that the recent cold weather which has impacted on many retailers with people preferring to stay at home, may have provided an extra boost to the online casino gambling scene as people look for other leisure activities. Only time will tell.