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Online gambling at online casinos is a level playing field

By mr-gambling on 2018-10-10 14:48:06

Online gambling advertising seems to be in the spotlight recently as it seems that very shirt sponsor in football is an online gambling company but the strange thing is that in the English Premiership all the sponsors seem to be Asian companies whose sole purpose is to gather customers from Asia rather than from the UK or Ireland. Gambling online is immensely popular in Ireland but the shirt sponsors from the Premiership are very unlikely to gather any customers. Most Irish customers for sports gambling tend to stick with one or more of the big half dozen who advertise heavily and if this is restricted it is unlikely to make a huge difference as they are well known brands anyway. In particular Paddy Power and Ladbrokes who have high street presence are unlikely to be affected. When it comes to online casino gambling the picture is different as there is much more choice with many smaller online casinos offering as good if not better casino games than the big boys and possibly in a friendlier atmosphere. This is made possible by the fact that online casino software which runs those online casinos is more readily available than sports gambling software. This hasn’t always been the case as in the very beginning of online casinos online gambling companies had to write their own casino software but as things became more and more complicated, companies developed who specialised in casino software and were able to offer a finished product much more economically than self development.

The result is today that no online gambling company develops their own casino software and it is this which enables smaller online casinos to compete. You may probably have noticed that the site which advises Irish customers where to find the best in online gambling has only smaller online casinos in the top three whereas the top three for sports gambling are all larger companies. This is down to the fact that larger companies have no advantage when it comes to casino software and therefore comparisons need to be made on other factors. No Bonus Casino is a typical example of smaller online casinos offering something better than the big boys while losing nothing in the variety of casino games which it can offer. In fact No Bonus Casino probably has more casino slots available than most as it uses a variety of casino software companies rather than just a single company which is a strategy followed by some. The real advantage for the player at No Bonus Casino, however, lies in the fact that the online casino does not offer any bonuses. It may seem strange to say that not having something is an advantage but No Bonus Casino has looked at the question of the casino bonus and come up with something that should be better.

The standard casino bonus offered by many online casinos is what is commonly known as a deposit matching bonus whereby the online casino promises to match your first ever deposit into your casino account Euro for Euro. This offer is sometimes extended to the second or even third deposit but the match is likely to be less than the 100% promised for the first deposit. There are a couple of issues with this type of bonus the first of which is that it is only available to new registrations so it is there purely to attract new players rather than reward existing loyal players. The second issue is that the bonus money awarded can be difficult to actually get your hands on. The reason for this is that the bonus money is placed into a separate account from your own cash and although it is available to play any of the casino games it cannot be withdrawn until certain requirements have been met. These requirements are that the money must be staked as many as 40 times before it becomes accessible and what is more it is not unusual for casino games such as Roulette and Blackjack, which are considered low risk games, not to count towards the staking requirement.

No Bonus Casino has therefore come up with an alternative which is cash back if you lose which is pretty unique in the online gambling world. Instead of an online casino bonus No Bonus Casino says that if you make a deposit into your online casino account on any given day and manage to lose it all on the same day by playing any of the casino games on site (no restrictions) then 10% will be refunded the very next day. Not only are there no restrictions on which casino games can be played but the cash is returned directly into your playing account so it is yours to do with as you wish which could even be withdrawing it. What is more is that this cash back offer is not for new players only, it is available to every player on every deposit so loyal customers are rewarded in the same way as new registrations. If you are into gambling online at an online casino then serious consideration should be given to this online casino.

Even without this spectacular offer No Bonus Casino would probably be right up there on the recommended list as it uses no fewer than five different casino software companies including major ones such as Microgaming and NetEnt which provide a huge range of games and some of the largest casino slots jackpots in the industry. The casino is licensed and operated under the jurisdiction of the Malta Gaming Authority which is one of the foremost territories for online gaming plus it has license to operate from the UK Gambling Commission. Most of the games are available on mobile or tablet as well as your home PC and there is no download to worry about, just log in and play wherever you are. Once the casino software question has been taken out of the equation smaller online casinos can more than compete with larger ones and No Bonus Casino shows how.