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Online casino and sports gambling bring good results for bookmakers

By mr-gambling on 2017-12-13 13:08:14

Every bookmaker that has reported their results recently seem to have the same theme that the number of visits to betting shops has decreased which means that profits have decreased while online gambling customers have increased which means that gambling online is playing more and more of a major role. What is missing and would be nice to know is where the online gambling increase is coming from meaning is it from sports gambling or from online casino gambling. There is of course much more competition in the area of online casinos than there is in sports gambling although there is plenty of competition in both which is good for the customer. Virtually all sports gambling companies also have online casino gambling but there are quite a number of online casino companies that do not participate in sports gambling at all and in fact the top three listed in casino gambling at are all online casino specialists. The top three listed in the sports gambling section also all have casino gambling but in the humble opinion of are not as good. Casino gambling and sports gambling are two very different forms of gambling so it would take a lot to be top of everything. Sports gambling whether it be horse racing or football or anything else is really a game of beating the bookmaker. Most people who like sports gambling take a little time to study the sport before placing their bets although there are of course those, particularly in horse racing, who place bets solely on a name that they like. Casino gambling on the other hand is predominately pure luck.

There are casino games where a little thought can increase your chances of winning such as Blackjack but even then luck plays a major role. To increase your chances when gambling at Blackjack you first need to clarify the object of the game. You will often see the object of Blackjack written as to get as close to 21 as possible without going over 21 or busting as it is known. advises Irish casino players to think about the object being to beat the dealer rather than getting close to 21. It is clear that the chances of a Blackjack dealer or the player having a higher hand are 50/50 and of course in the event of a tie bets are refunded. The only advantage that the dealer has is that the player plays first and if they bust they lose. The chances of the dealer busting is just as great but if the player is already bust it makes no difference. To win when the dealer busts you need to still be in the game. If the dealer busts then you win regardless of what you have in your hand, you do not need to have 17 or more. The secret of Blackjack gambling then is to assess when the dealer will bust and make sure that you are still in the game which is easier said than done but there is a clue in the one card that the dealer is always showing. You also know that the dealer will draw cards until they have 17 or more so if they are showing a 5 or a 6 they must draw at least two cards which means there is a realistic chance of the total going over 21. There are of course no guarantees as luck still plays a major part as in any form of gambling but it is worth keeping an eye out for this situation.

There are many other casino gambling games which really are a simple question of luck and one of those is roulette. There are roulette players who swear that knowing what has gone in the past will help determine what will fall in the future and they will often track previous numbers to see whether they have been red or black of high numbers or low numbers. Some will even track where the winning numbers were on the wheel itself but believe when they say that all of this is irrelevant. The next number at online casino roulette is determined by a random number generator and is therefore completely random. Think also that most if not all online casino games of roulette have a list of previous numbers. Would the online gambling company really give you this information if it was going to help you win?

Possibly the most played casino gambling games are casino slots and all of them are pure luck. Even years and years ago when slot machines gave the choice of holding certain reels it seems unlikely that this really had any influence on the outcome at the end of the day. Casino slots online have no intervention possibilities except that some casino slots require a choice to be made in a bonus game so it is simply a question of deciding your stakes and spinning the reels. The size of your stake at some casino slots can be determined by the stake per line multiplied by the number of lines played while other s have a fixed number of lines but still offer the choice of coin value as well as bet level which is the equivalent. Gonzo’s Quest™ is one such casino slot which in this case has 20 winning lines. Gonzo’s Quest™ is a casino slot from the casino software company NetEnt and can be found at any of the three online casinos recommended as well as at other online casinos using that casino software. The biggest attraction of gambling on casino slots is that it is possible to win very large amounts with very little outlay. In other casino games such as Blackjack it is only possible to win one and a half times your bet and even in Roulette the maximum is 36:1 for a single number but casino slots can pay thousands times your bet on a single spin. It is of course true that you will win proportionately more often when playing Blackjack than when betting on a single number at Roulette but only casino slots give the chance of such big returns.