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Online casino gambling with an element of judgement

By mr-gambling on 2014-07-15 16:36:55

Gambling at an online casino for most Irish players means casino slots gambling which although great entertainment is purely a matter of luck so for those who consider that casino gambling should also have an element of skill or judgement try gambling on Caribbean Stud. Although the correct and full name is Caribbean Stud Poker there is very little similarity between gambling on Caribbean stud and the true poker gambling games such as Texas Hold’em which is what is played at most poker tournaments. In Caribbean stud gambling there is no bluffing, you are not playing against other players and the stakes of the game are fixed by you. As casino gambling card games go Caribbean stud is very simple as there are only two hands dealt, one to the player and one to the dealer and whoever has the better hand wins. You cannot lose more than your stake but you can win more by having a good hand which pays out at better odds. For a game to be active or as they call it a qualifying hand in Caribbean stud gambling the dealer must have an Ace/King or better and if that is not the case then the ante bet which has been placed at the beginning of the round is paid at even money as long as you are still in the game and have not folded your hand already. Interestingly enough when gambling on Caribbean stud there is no requirement for the player to have a qualifying hand so even with less than Ace/King as long as you have placed an additional bet indicating that you wish to play on you will win when the dealer does not qualify. This is an important fact when gambling on Caribbean stud but of course placing an additional bet when you have nothing in your hand is risky but can often pay dividends.