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Online casino gambling software is important

By mr-gambling on 2013-10-08 09:25:18

A major part of online gambling is online casinos but for those gambling online who have more than one account at different online gambling providers you may have noticed that although the sports gambling pages are different, the online casinos can look remarkably similar and this is all down to casino software. In truth no major online gambling provider writes their own casino software leaving it instead to a handful of specialised companies and as there are more online gambling companies than casino software companies it is inevitable that several online casinos use the same software. Although what is called the “skin” is different, the giveaway is the layout of games or indeed the casino slots which are on offer which not only look the same but usually also have the same names. Sharing casino software providers among online gambling companies is actually not a bad thing as it enables large jackpots to grow much faster than would otherwise be the case as all those who participate in online slots gambling at a particular game contribute to the jackpot regardless of which online gambling provider is hosting the game. There are five major players in the online casino software business which in no particular order are NetEnt, Microgaming, Chartwell, Playtech and Cryptologic and between them they virtually control the market. It is impossible to say that one is any better than the other as it becomes a question of personal preference on which casino games are available and whether you like the layout or format of what is on offer. Some online gamblers will choose the provider for their online gambling based on the feeling that have a better chance of winning at one that at another but does like the clarity and games from NetEnt as they are a little bit different from the others but see for yourself at All Irish Casino where it is used.