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Online casino gambling relies on RNG’s

By mr-gambling on 2013-10-26 11:23:43

In the course of writing a recent article for on the popularity of gambling on numbers in Ireland, we mentioned the importance of the Random Number Generator in the world of online casino gambling. Clearly all the obvious numbers gambling games such as bingo, the lotteries and Keno all rely on some method of producing a winning number in a completely random way, but how many of us have ever given thought to how the next card is dealt in blackjack or poker when played online. What about the hundreds of slots and video slots the online casino gambling sites offer among their range of gambling games. When you think about it all these casino gambling games when played online require the use of some sort of random selection device to determine the next card or the symbols on the slots reels. The Random Number Generator and the associated gambling software is the essence of online casino gambling, and unless you are playing roulette or blackjack in the Live casino format there is no escaping this system. Many of us will vaguely remember the first computerised random number generator to be used to select winning numbers, it was christened ‘Ernie’ and used to draw Premium Bond numbers. It was probably because of this enormously successful RNG that we all seem to be prepared to trust this form of random selection, because without that trust there would be no online casino gambling in the form we know it today. We should all of course continue to enjoy our casino gambling online, but it’s good to be aware of how our favourite online gambling games are designed and managed and how much they rely on our trust.