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Online casino gambling has taken off in Ireland

By mr-gambling on 2013-12-05 11:35:23

Any analysis of gambling in Ireland is bound to start with sports gambling and in particular gambling on horse racing. Certainly horse racing is still the primary sport in Ireland when it comes to gambling, although we are told that football is catching up rapidly among sports gambling fans. Another form of gambling which was very popular is bingo, and of course we should not forget the lottery. Both of these gambling activities probably attracted more people, but the average amount of money staked was considerably less than the average bet on sporting events. Nowadays of course we have a new attraction with online gambling increasing all the time. We can now do all our sports gambling without the need to visit the local betting shop, and far more significantly for most of us we also have easy access to casino gambling for the first time. Online casino gambling is now a leisure pursuit available to all of us and we appear to be taking full advantage of the opportunity according to all the reports we read in the gambling media. Online casino gambling is of course very different from gambling in a real casino because the online casinos have given us a vast number of different gambling games to choose from. There are still the traditional casino games such as roulette and blackjack, but we also have a variety of poker games, dice games and of course a huge range of slots. Add to that bingo, lotteries and scratch cards all of which can be played for very low stakes and it is easy to see why online casino gambling has been so successful in Ireland. We can even play many of the traditional casino gambling games with real dealers in the Live casino mode, and take advantage of the Free Play option offered by most online casino gambling sites so that we can learn how to play a new game before risking any money.