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Online backgammon gambling good for a change

By mr-gambling on 2015-01-12 10:10:33

There are not that many opportunities in online gambling to test your skills against other players but one opportunity is Backgammon. Sports gambling is of course a test of knowledge to some extent but you are gambling against the bookmaker whereas online casinos are much more a question of luck than anything else and then there is online poker which most people either love or hate due to the fact that you can never be totally sure how much you will be playing for on a particular hand. Online backgammon on the other hand is a two person game in the same way as heads up online poker with the exception that you know and agree what the stakes are before the game begins but even then be aware that under certain circumstances you can lose or win more than that stake. Backgammon has its origins in the Middle Eastern countries where it is still played today but online backgammon is unfortunately only available at a few online casinos which are generally those that also have online poker and therefore the software required to have interactive games.  Irish casino players are fortunate as Paddy Power, Ladbrokes and Party all carry online backgammon although both Paddy Power and Ladbrokes seem to try to hide it away but you can find backgammon at Ladbrokes under the heading of games and at Paddy Power in the section called player. The game of backgammon is very simple to play but there is a fair amount of strategy involved as well as the luck element involved in rolling the dice so it is advisable to read about it first and then to start playing with modest stakes until you have a better grip of the game. Online backgammon makes a refreshing change for those that like the idea of playing one on one.