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Omaha poker

By mr-gambling on 2011-04-26 12:50:50

Poker gamblers looking for a change may well enjoy the relatively new version of poker available on line, called Omaha poker. Although similar to Texas Hold’em, in so far as the gamblers are required to form a five card poker hand from a combination of ‘Hole cards’ and ‘Community cards’, Omaha poker differs in that each gambler has four ‘Hole cards’ and five ‘Community cards’ from which to make their final hand, which provides a greater number of potential winning hands particularly in the early betting rounds. Gamblers on poker new to the Omaha poker version of the game are advised to note that players must use two, and only two of their ‘Hole cards’ in their final hand. It is also important to remember that the five ‘Community cards’ are available to all the active gamblers at the table at the showdown. These two elements of Omaha poker make any assessment of potential winning poker hands more difficult, particularly when poker gamblers are considering the value of their ‘Hole cards’. Experienced Omaha poker gamblers would for instance consider a pair in their ‘Hole cards’ to be better than ‘three of a kind’ because they can only use two of these cards in their final hand, and the chances of ‘three of a kind’ using the ‘Community cards’ are reduced, and ‘four of a kind’ is impossible. Gamblers on poker new to the Omaha poker version of the game should also be aware that it is not possible to have two flushes of different suits in the showdown, because the final poker hands must include three ‘Community cards’ of the same suit. Generally speaking experienced gamblers on poker would look for pairs or suits in their ‘Hole cards’ when gambling on Omaha poker, with the best hand probably comprising a run of four cards, possibly two each of two suits, providing good potential for both runs and flushes in the final showdown. For gamblers on poker who have not yet tried Omaha poker, give it a go and have fun.