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Omaha Poker gambling is increasingly popular online

By mr-gambling on 2013-03-26 10:45:10

The online casinos have reintroduced many gambling games during their rise in popularity, but the most significant resurgence has been in Poker gambling. Poker had for many years been in the doldrums in terms of popular gambling pursuits, but since the online casinos made access to casino games so easy gambling on poker has become one of the most popular online gambling activities. There are of course many forms of poker gambling now available online, but it is the community card poker formats which have seen the biggest growth in popularity. Texas Hold’em has clearly become the poker format of choice for tournament players, but Omaha Poker is also proving to be a popular alternative. We have of course detailed the rules of Omaha Poker gambling on our individual casino games pages, but here is a brief explanation of the differences between these two community card formats. Both use five community cards, but players gambling on Omaha Poker are each dealt four cards face down instead of two, and they must use two and only two of these cards in their final hand. Although this may not at first appear to make a great deal of difference except for the fact that the final showdown hand can be selected from nine cards instead of seven, gambling strategies are different. Take for example a player holding three of a kind in their hole cards, only two of these cards can be used in the showdown hand and the third is no longer available to any player, plus of course the chances of the fourth card being dealt is reduced. Omaha Poker gamblers will also be aware that there is no possibility of two flushes of the same suit occurring in the showdown because at least three of the community cards must be used in every hand. Experienced poker players tell us that gambling on Omaha Poker is just as much fun as Texas Hold’em and has all the elements of better hands and larger pots we have come to expect from the tournament format, so if poker gambling is your favourite form of gambling why not give it a go.