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There are now online gambling games to suit all tastes

By mr-gambling on 2016-07-31 09:00:27

As more and more of us obtained access to the internet, so the number of internet sites increased and our options in all areas became more widespread. When it came to online gambling it was the major bookmakers who were first to offer us online options in the form of online sports gambling sites. It wasn’t long though before the first signs of what we now tend to call online casino gambling started to emerge, as a range of gambling games was also introduced on many of the original online sports gambling sites. From those early days of course we have seen a huge increase in the number of gambling games available at all the major online gambling sites as well as the introduction of specialist online casino sites concentrating solely on providing a wide range of gambling games.

When we talk about casino gambling games most of us immediately think of roulette, blackjack and possibly poker, because these were generally speaking the only gambling games available at our real casinos here in Ireland. Those of us who were fortunate enough to have the opportunity to visit some of the casinos across the Chanel may also remember playing baccarat or even backgammon at some of their casinos. All of these gambling games would probably come under the category of traditional casino games for most observers of the history of gambling games, if only to distinguish them from the vast array of gambling games we can now play online. There is of course one other gambling game that probably fits into the category of traditional casino games and that is craps. Every casino in North America and many all over the world have at least one craps table, and craps is at least as popular as roulette in these casinos, often also attracting many spectators. Before we move on to the new gambling games which have resulted from the introduction of online gambling, we should comment on the massive resurgence in the popularity of poker which most observers also put down to the advent of online casino gambling. Poker is of course a gambling game with a relatively long history, but in spite of its high profile in the saloons of the wild west in the films many of us grew up with, it had fallen significantly in popularity over the years. There are of course several versions of poker, ranging from the 5-card draw poker format usually featured in the old films we have just mentioned, to the more complicated formats using community cards including Texas Hold’em which has become the most popular of all the poker gambling formats. It would probably be fair to say that the rise in popularity of poker gambling may be the biggest single effect of the introduction of online gambling. Not only can we now play various forms of poker online against the house at most online casino gambling sites, there are also specialist online poker forums for the more serious poker fans, particularly those looking to play against other like-minded players.

Apart from poker which we have just discussed, next biggest influence of the rise in popularity of playing gambling games online will be found in what many online casinos refer to as ‘other games’. This is where you will find all the gambling games which were never available at a real casino and in many cases had not even been invented. Most of these new gambling games are of course slots games or video slots, but although we have defined them as slots games most of them bear no relationship to the slot machines we play in our clubs and pubs. The modern online slots games come in a variety of forms, with as many as five reels, multiple winning lines and even versions with no reels at all. They are often themed on popular television programmes, films or cartoon characters and sometimes even sports such as horse racing or football, but they all have one thing in common, they are all quick and easy to play. The huge variety of these slots gambling games available across the online gambling sites on our recommended list makes it virtually impossible to pick out individual games to recommend, so let’s take a look at some of the other gambling games available at our online casino sites.

One of the most popular form of gambling online is proving to be the numbers games. Hardly surprising you might think considering the popularity of bingo. The game of bingo in its original form is of course a gambling game featured on most online casino gambling sites, but there are a number of other numbers gambling games which are also proving popular, one of which is Keno. The game of Keno does vary a little from one site to another, but at the All Irish casino for example the player selects up to 15 numbers from 1 to 80, with the objective of matching as many as possible with 15 numbers then chosen by the site RNG. The winning odds do vary a little from site to site, but the player can also change the odds on a winning number by initially selecting less than 15 numbers. It comes as a surprise to many people in Ireland who had never heard of Keno before playing at an online casino that Keno is actually available at many American casinos.

We have already discussed the popularity of craps in American casinos and now online, but this is another category of gambling games now increasing played online, namely dice games. Craps is not the only dice game available amongst the range of gambling games offered by our online casinos, why not take a look at Sic Bo for example. Sic Bo is similar to craps in that it enables multiple betting opportunities on each throw, but for what could be one of the easiest dice gambling game ever invented the game of Roll’em is another dice game offered almost everywhere.

We have taken a closer look at just some of the many new gambling games now available, but others include scratch cards and quizzes, both also very popular.