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By mr-gambling on 2016-12-06 10:26:02

Although there have been many success stories resulting from our increasing love of the internet, online gambling is certainly one of them. Most of us are now using the internet to help us manage a variety of activities in our daily lives, and even if the internet is not actively part of our leisure activities it is likely that we use it to access information relating to how we use our leisure time. Those of us who enjoy gambling however are now increasingly doing so online rather than visiting a betting shop, a casino or indeed a bingo club. It was sports gambling fans who first had the opportunity to place their bets online rather than through their local betting shop, when the major bookmakers all set up online sports gambling sites. The success of these sites among sports gambling fans then encouraged the site operators to start introducing a few gambling games onto their sites, initially as an experiment and the online casino as we know it today was born. The success of the first online sports gambling sites was primarily due to the convenience of being able to place a bet on the horse racing or the football from home, but the huge range of other less well known sports which people could access on these sites was also a factor in their success and has certainly contributed to the increasing customer base that these sites have enjoyed. It is a similar story when we come to analysing the success of online casino gambling. Since the first gambling games were introduced all the bookmakers have continued to add more and more games to their sites so that most online casino gambling sites now offer well over a hundred different gambling games, and in some cases over two hundred. This huge choice of gambling games, ranging from the traditional casino games such as roulette and blackjack, to a vast array of slots games is undoubtedly the reason why so many people have taken to playing gambling games online. The online gambling site operators have even been able to appeal to the huge number of bingo fans by offering a range of bingo related numbers games for them to enjoy. One way or another the current online casino gambling sites have been able to attract gambling fans from across a very wide spectrum, from sports gambling enthusiasts, casino members, slot machine fans and even bingo enthusiasts are now playing online. Here at we are happy to congratulate the big bookmakers who first hit on the idea of introducing gambling games onto their sports gambling sites, but we are also delighted to see that new specialist online casino gambling sites have become available over the last couple of years adding much needed variety to the sector. These new sites have been able to greatly improve our choice of online gambling games, particularly in the range of slots games we can now enjoy and are therefore a very welcome addition to the online gambling sector.

Our recommended list of online gambling sites was originally confined to the big sites operated by the major bookmakers, but the new specialist casino gambling sites now feature highly on that list due to the much improved range of gambling games they offer. Whilst it is true that the majority of the new online gambling games are slots games in various forms, we should not ignore the much improved choice of traditional casino gambling games we can now access and enjoy online. Those of us who started playing casino gambling games at a real casino in Ireland were almost always restricted to playing roulette, blackjack and perhaps a few slot machines. We may even have been able to play in the occasional local poker tournament organised by our local casino, but space restrictions in our casinos were such that no other options were available. These traditional casino gambling games are of course still available at every online casino gambling site on our list, and many of them offer several slightly different versions of these traditional games. Roulette and blackjack are also now available to play in the live casino mode at most casino gambling sites, a welcome feature for many gaming fans who were members of their local casino and never quite accepted the computer graphics associated with using an RNG to define the winning numbers on the roulette wheel. Many online casino gambling sites also feature baccarat in the live casino mode, which is one of those traditional gambling games which has always been popular in casinos on the continent but was never available in our own casinos. The fact that we can now play baccarat online has also dispelled some of the myths surrounding this particular casino gambling game. For many years baccarat has been considered to be a difficult game exclusively played by high rollers, but we now know that this idea is simply not true. The rules of baccarat are a bit complex, but the player does not actually need to know them because the whole game is controlled by the dealer. All you need to do is decide whether the dealer’s hand will win, the player’s hand or whether there will be a rare tie. It’s as simple as that. Another traditional gambling game we can now play online is craps. Anyone who enjoys the multiple betting options associated with roulette is almost certain to enjoy playing craps.

We have already commented on the fact that many of us rarely had the opportunity to play poker at our local casino, but this is the traditional gambling game which has benefitted most from the introduction of online casino gambling. The number of people now playing poker in Ireland has increased dramatically, and poker tournaments all over the world are now oversubscribed. There are now specialist online poker formats solely to enable poker fans to play against each other online. All the casino gambling sites also offer a full range of poker formats which can be played against the house for fixed odds so you don’t have to be a professional to enjoy gambling on poker.