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By mr-gambling on 2016-09-01 09:04:31

As access to the internet has become more and more widespread among individuals so the range of activities we can perform online has also increased, including how we can spend our leisure time. Here at our primary interest is of course in the gambling sector of the leisure industry, and the changes here have been dramatic. The big bookmakers were the first to invest in the technology necessary to enable us to gamble online, and their online sports gambling sites rapidly became very popular among their more tech savvy customers, partly because of the convenience of being able to place bets at home but also because of the range of sports available for them to follow. Having established the technology and gained the approval of their customers it wasn’t long before these first online gambling sites were being expanded to include a variety of gambling games in what we now refer to as the birth of online casino gambling. Since then we have seen all the major bookmakers expand their online casino gambling sites still further with the introduction of more and more gambling games so that many sites now offer two hundred or more different gambling games for us to enjoy. Most of these new gambling games are of course slots games in a variety of forms, and have been designed by the many specialist casino gambling software companies which have grown on the back of the success of online casino gambling. The last couple of years have however seen another new development in the online casino gambling sector, with the introduction of a number of smaller specialist online casinos who c0oncentrate their efforts solely on providing quality gambling games in the most user friendly environment they can provide.

For those of us who enjoyed playing casino gambling games before the introduction of online casinos, our experience of gambling games was generally restricted to the two casino games available in our real casinos, namely roulette and blackjack. Some casinos also arranged small poker tournaments for their members but there was very little else in the way of gambling games available to us, apart that is from bingo. All the online casinos still offer roulette and blackjack within their range of gambling games, and both of these traditional casino gambling games can also be played with real dealers in a Live casino option at most of the online casino sites. Another casino gambling game which can be played with real dealers at some sites is baccarat. Anyone visiting a casino on the continent will probably have seen people playing baccarat where it is very popular, but our Irish casinos did not feature baccarat at all so most of us never had the opportunity to play the game. Now that baccarat is available at most online casino gambling sites we have now seen the myths surrounding this particular gambling game for what they are, just myths. Baccarat is not difficult to play in spite of complicated rules, because it is the dealer who controls the game according to the rules. All the player needs to do is choose which of two hands will win, or gamble on the rare event of a tie.

Whilst talking about gambling games which are popular elsewhere in the world, but rarely available in Ireland we must mention that American favourite craps. Played on a table similar to a roulette table players can place a variety of bets on the outcome of the throw of two dice. There are also a number of other dice gambling games available at most online casino gambling sites, ranging from the simple game of Roll ‘em to more complicated games such as Miami Dice which involves betting on the outcome of the roll of five dice. Another dice gambling game which is proving popular online is Sic Bo which again is similar to craps and offers the opportunity to place multiple bets on each throw.

We have of course already mentioned bingo as one of the most popular gambling games in Ireland over many years, and this is another gambling game which can now be found at most online casinos in a variety of different forms. There are also a few new numbers games now available online which are proving to be increasingly popular, one of which is Keno. The significant difference between Keno and many other gambling games is that the players can choose the degree of risk they wish to take, and therefore the potential reward for success. There are slight differences in how Keno is played on different sites, but at the All Irish casino for example a player will select up to fifteen numbers from 1 to 80 and hope to match as many as possible with the fifteen numbers selected by the RNG. To increase the reward per number matched, and of course the risk, the player can select less than fifteen numbers.

Up until now we have not mentioned the gambling game which has seen the biggest increase in popularity since the introduction of online casino gambling, and that is of course the game of poker. Most observers agree that the surge in popularity in the game of poker, particularly the Texas Hold’em version of the game is the most significant result of the introduction of online casinos and online gambling games. There are now even specialist poker gambling sites which enable individual poker players to test their skill against other players from all over the world twenty four hours a day if they wish. National And international poker tournaments are now invariably oversubscribed and often run qualifying rounds before the main event, all as a result of poker becoming available online. Although Texas Hold’em poker is the game of choice for most serious poker players online and at most tournaments, there are a variety of other forms of poker available at most online casino gambling sites many of which can be played against the house for fixed odds. New poker players would be advised to start learning the game by playing the simpler poker formats before taking on players on a poker forum who may be far more experienced.