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New poker gambling fans also should try Pai Gow online

By mr-gambling on 2014-02-09 12:43:26

Along with many other areas of our lives the internet has changed the way many of us enjoy our favourite gambling activities, with both sports gambling and casino gambling increasingly being done online. In the case of sports gambling the internet does not seem to have changed the sports we follow to any significant degree, but when it comes to casino gambling online the effects have been huge. There are now so many casino gambling games available online which were not previously an option that it is hardly surprising that casino gambling fans have expanded the range of casino games they play. The biggest winner however is undoubtedly online poker, and online poker gambling in all its forms is proving a huge success for the online casinos. Serious online poker players inevitably choose the Texas Hold’em format, but less experienced poker gambling converts and those with a limited budget are also catered for by the online casino gambling sites. A good example of the alternative poker gambling formats is Pai Gow, an excellent introduction to gambling on poker and because it is played against the house for fixed odds is a version of poker open to all budgets. You will find the rules of Pai Gow on our casino games pages but here is a brief summary. Each player is dealt seven cards from a standard 52 card pack plus one joker. In Pai Gow gambling the players then need to form two poker hands, one of five cards and the other of two cards, with the stipulation that the five card hand must rank highest. The joker can only be used to complete a straight or flush in a five card hand, or act as an ace in either hand, and the player must win both hands to take the pot. Be aware that the dealer only needs to win the five card hand and tie the two card hand to win the game. Pai Gow gambling is great fun and well worth a try for both new and experienced poker gambling enthusiasts.