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Live casino is real time online gambling but with limited casino games

By mr-gambling on 2017-11-27 16:19:49

It is undeniably true that live action when gambling is better than watching something on TV but as it can sometimes be difficult to be at every sports event you would like most people are satisfied with online gambling. The other advantage of gambling online is that it enables everybody to gamble on a much wider range of sports than would otherwise be the case. The same is not quite true of casino gambling where unfortunately Irish casino players are limited to online casinos as there is not much else available. There is however an option at nearly all online casinos these days called live casino. Having a live casino at an online casino might seem a bit of an anomaly but it is in fact about as close to actual casino gambling that an online casino can get. The problem with online casinos, if it can be called a problem, is the fact that they are forced to use what are known as random number generators. This is a device which determines the next number to fall on the roulette wheel or the next card in card games. Despite these devices having been around for many years and despite them having been proved very useful in a number of ways as well as online gambling there are still those who do not think that they produce truly random results. It will almost certainly not surprise you that this doubt is stronger when the person is losing at an online casino. It is rarely an issue when winning.

The live casino option when gambling online does at least do away with the random number generator by utilising real dealers but in actual fact your chances of winning are not improved at all but then nor are they diminished. The live casino option at online casinos is nothing more than a room somewhere, which is often in Eastern Europe, which has been equipped with the necessary roulette and card tables together with cameras which can film the action and transmit it directly to your computer or other device. The cameras are generally strategically placed so that you can see the table and the dealer but nothing else of the rest of the room. It is then the dealer who spins the actual roulette wheel which decides the winning number or who shuffles and deals the cards. It is a rather remote way of being live but it does do away with the random number generator which is enough for some people. The online casinos have also generally tried to make the dealers as attractive as possible and chatting to them via a chat box is possible. Most online casinos do not disclose where their live casinos are being streamed from but an exception is All Irish Casino who depart from the norm and have their live casino in an actual casino on the island of Malta. If you have been to Malta on holiday you may well have visited the Portomaso Casino which is where the streaming for this online casino comes from. The live casino pictures are not from the actual casino floor but rather from a separate room but at least it is in a casino building. is not the only online casino to use these facilities as No Bonus Casino and Freespins Casino are also known to have their live casino option streamed from the same place.

Live casino is however only of limited use to many who gamble online as the number of casino games is quite limited. Roulette and Blackjack are the main casino gambling games played but Baccarat and even Caribbean Stud Poker are occasionally found. Casino slots which are probably the most played casino games of all are never present at the live casino option for the simple reason that casino slots do not require any form of intervention from a dealer. Even dice games such as Craps will not appear as that depends very much on the players throwing the dice rather than a dealer. The casino gambling games themselves are exactly the same whether played at the regular online casino or at the live casino option but the minimum stakes are often higher at the live casino option and maximum stakes are definitely higher. We have heard a lot recently about maximum stakes on FOBTs being too high but they are nothing compared to live casino online gambling. If you have not heard about this issue with fixed odds betting terminals (FOBTs) there is no need to concern yourself as it is a UK thing which concerns gambling machines which are placed in betting shops. The most played game on these machines is roulette but they are not allowed in Irish betting shops anyway.

It is difficult to advise Irish casino players to go to a specific online casino for live casino play as there is virtually no variation in the casino games so it comes down to possibly a dealer which you like. The suggestion would be to stay with your preferred online casino and try the live casino option there. If you have never done t before there is a good chance that there could be a joining bonus as well. does like the idea of the live casino being in an actual casino building but one drawback to that is that it is only available when the casino is open however as we all know casinos are generally open from mid morning to the very early hours which should be enough for most people. All Irish Casino and the others do offer an alternative however which is available 24 hours a day. Live casino is well worth a try as an alternative to the regular online casino play and as online gambling goes it is possibly the closest you are going to get to live action. At least things are happening in real time.