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Live casino for those who do not like RNGs

By mr-gambling on 2016-06-09 14:05:25

Everybody who uses an online casino for their online gambling will at some time suffer a losing streak as well as, we hope, a winning streak but it is when the losing streak hits that online casino players start to question the integrity of the online casino or more importantly the integrity of the random number generator which is used at that online casino to determine winning numbers or cards. Online casinos recommended to Irish casino players through the online gambling portal portal are well regulated and licensed and have their random number generators checked for randomness by independent adjudicators on a regular basis but this will never stop doubt creeping in. The answer to this lies in live casino which is an option at most online casinos these days. Live casino is generally not an actual casino but rather a specially equipped room which can be anywhere, but the Eastern European countries seem to be the most popular places. These rooms are equipped with roulette tables and card tables to replicate an actual casino and the live bit is the dealers or croupiers who are actually spinning the roulette wheel or dealing the cards in real time. The process is then transmitted to your computer via web cam so that you can see what is going on with the only time lag being the speed of your internet connection. One known exception to the Eastern Europe location can be found at where the live casino transmission comes from an actual casino on the island of Malta. This has the advantage that the dealers are very professional as they probably also work in the actual casino and generally speaking as English is a second language in the country communication works well. Although this live casino transmission is from the same building as the actual casino, the pictures are of course not from the main body of the casino as that would infringe upon the privacy of the regular customers so do not expect to see other players at the live casino tables.

Anyone who has ever played roulette when gambling at an online casino and watches the ball go round will have noticed that there is often a rather jerky finish when the ball settles and to be fair this often happens in an actual casino but to a lesser extent. The reason for this is that the random number generator has decided upon the winning number but somehow the ball needs to arrive in that slot on the wheel and it can result in a rather erratic path being taken but that should be no reason to think the table is rigged. To be perfectly frank it would probably be easier to fix the wheel in a live casino room than to try to fix an RNG; not that it is in any way being suggested that this happens. The live casino option is clearly restricted in the casino games that are on offer and generally only include roulette and blackjack with Baccarat and Caribbean Stud sometimes making an appearance so if these are not your gambling games then live casino is not going to be of any interest whatsoever. This will automatically exclude many Irish casino players who are dedicated to playing casino slots.

Different online casinos approach live casino in different ways. Paddy Power casino has a relatively limited range of casino tables offering roulette, blackjack, casino hold’em which is their version of Caribbean Stud and Baccarat although the range of stakes that can be played is quite large. All Irish Casino on the other hand has table where the dealer is named so that you can choose your favourite if they happen to be on duty. The range of stakes at the live casino is also very large indeed and can be up to an incredible €75,000. All Irish Casino also has Punto Banco which is the alternative name for Baccarat. Ladbrokes casino adds a couple of unusual casino gambling games into their live casino line up including Sic Bo and Hi-Lo. Sic Bo is an interesting old Chinese dice game which is also available at the regular online casinos and the game revolves around predicting the outcome of three dice. The table may at first seem quite complicated as all the possible bets are included but it is quick to get used to it. More about Sic Bo can be found at a specialist online casino portal such as Hi-Lo is the simplest of casino gambling games which all you have to do is forecast whether the next card drawn is higher or lower than the previous card. You can determine your own stakes and continue to multiply or cash in at any time. This is a very fast casino game and is very simple to play but please remember when working out your chance that the next card must be higher or lower; equal to is no good. The live casino option at Bet365 casino also has a choice of dealers and the casino games includes Hi-Lo as well as roulette, blackjack, Baccarat and casino Hold’em. The choice of where to play live casino is nearly as large as the choice of online casinos and whereas the online casino you choose depends to a large extent on the casino software in use, your choice of live casino is more likely to depend on whether or not you like the dealer. Unfortunately as is the case with a land based casino, casinos are apt to change dealers on you which as any casino player knows is very infuriating especially when you have a winning streak going. Live casino really has no better chance of winning than your regular online casino but for those with a natural distrust of computer driven games of chance live casino could be the answer. Minimum stakes at the live casino option do tend to be a little higher than the regular online casino but if this presets no problem then live casino is well worth a look.