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Live casino gives online gambling a different perspective

By mr-gambling on 2017-11-03 10:36:11

There has been much in the news recently about online gambling companies and sport and in particular football where some reports quote large numbers of adverts during Premiership football matches being televised live. This really should come as no surprise especially in the UK where online gambling companies are not allowed to advertise before 21:00 hours unless the event is being transmitted live. Sports and gambling online have been linked ever since gambling online existed which is only to be expected as the people who like sports gambling are also going to be those who watch the sports but the real issue here is problem and underage gambling where some believe that all this advertising is encouraging more addiction. Whether this is true or not is debatable and certainly online gambling companies do all they can to prevent underage gambling in particular by using checks when opening an account. Many online casinos however allow free casino play for anybody without an account being registered so they have no idea who is playing their casino games. The exception here is live casino where you cannot play without registering for an account and therefore will be subject to the checks. There should inherently be nothing wrong with playing free casino games and in fact it is often a recommended method for trying out new casino games without risking any of your cash. Casino slots in particular can be so complicated that only by playing can you really figure out what is going on so playing for free for a while can be advisable.

Particular criticism though is being aimed at some of those casino slots which online gambling companies have which have supposedly characters which might appeal to children. The suggestion is that as children, along with everybody else, can play these games for free it is encouraging them to become problem gamblers when they reach the legal age of 18 but the suggestion is disputed in many quarters. You can make your own mind up about that but one of the problems is to know or define which of the casino slots are attractive to underage persons. If it is to be only those with fluffy bunnies and Cinderella type symbols it is not likely to prevent anything as young people who want to play will simply switch to other casino games. Many for example play games such as Warcraft™ on their computers which is hardly fluffy bunny stuff so any casino slot can become a target. The only areas of online casinos that are not available for free play are the progressive jackpot slots and the live casino option. The live casino option is clearly not available for free play as it involves dealers who must be paid and is effectively the same as a land based casino and walking into one of those and asking to play with fun money could be interesting.

Live casino at an online casino is one of the more interesting features of gambling online as there can be interaction between the player and the dealer but although it is called live casino it cannot be compared to an actual brick and mortar casino. In the first place there are no other players visible which, as we all know, is part of the fun of being at a casino. There is some kind of twisted pleasure gained by seeing the casino lose to someone even if it is not you although it is even better if it is you. The atmosphere at the live casino option is therefore somewhat lacking but if you can strike up a conversation with the dealer, which is not always easy, there can be some consolation. There are also only a limited number of casino games available with the most popular being roulette and blackjack but then this is true of many land based casinos as well. You may also find Baccarat or Punto Banco as it is sometimes called and Caribbean stud but these are less common. Popular in American casinos but not so much in European ones is the dice game of Craps but this is also not played at the live casino option despite being available at nearly all online casinos. You may wonder with all these disadvantages why people play live casino at all and the main reason quoted is the lack of trust in the random number generator which is used in regular online casino gambling.

The random number generator or RNG for short is used extensively in all online casinos to determine the next number on the roulette wheel or the next card to be drawn in card games and as long as it is random it works perfectly. Good online gambling companies that have online casinos such as those listed on this site have their RNGs checked regularly to ensure that they do produce random results. It is actually as much in the interest of the online casinos as those gambling online that the RNG works correctly. Players would soon cotton on to any weak link in the system and be gambling accordingly. Despite many assurances that RNGs work it is still very easy to think that they are rigged when players are losing. Strangely enough it is never an issue when players have just won a large amount. For those that still distrust the RNG then online gambling at an online casino can be done at the live casino option where you can see the cards being dealt and the roulette wheel being spun. This is all simply achieved by the room where the live casino is located being fitted out with cameras from where the pictures are streamed to you computer or other device. The rooms can be and are located anywhere but generally seem to be in Eastern Europe. One exception which has come across is a room attached to an actual casino in Malta. This room is used by a number of online casinos such as All Irish Casino, No Bonus Casino and Freespins Casino and being attached to an actual casino can only be a good thing.