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Live casino gambling will not improve your chances of winning

By mr-gambling on 2018-02-28 12:27:05

Many Irish people enjoy casino gambling and with online casinos making it easier for anybody to have a little flutter the numbers are increasing all the time. One of the major criticisms of online casinos is however the lack of possible interaction with the dealer or croupier that you would get a brick and mortar casino. In Ireland there is very little opportunity anyway but nevertheless virtually every online casino has come up with a solution called live casino. Live casino and online casino in the same sentence might seem strange and it must be said that live casino gambling at online casino is only an approximation of casino gambling in an actual land based casino but it does at least solve the issue of being able to interact. A good part of attending an actual casino however is to enjoy and watch how other people react but this is not a feature of live casino options at online casinos as you have no visibility of what other players are doing. The live casino at online casinos is generally nothing more than a room which has been equipped with card tables and roulette wheels and which is staffed by mostly good looking men or women and it can be anywhere although many of them seem to be located in Eastern Europe somewhere. There are exceptions to this such as at All Irish Casino or No Bonus Casino where the live casino is streamed from an actual casino in Malta. It is still a separate room as transmitting pictures of players from an actual casino floor would not be appreciated by players but at least this virtually guarantees a level of professionalism from the croupiers and the way the casino is run.

There is a secondary reason why some Irish casino payers prefer to do their casino gambling at the live casino option and that is to do with the Random Number Generator which is used in all online casino games. In roulette for example there is no actual wheel which is going round or ball which drops into one of the slots on the wheel; the winning number is decided by an RNG and the software then has get the ball into the right place on the screen. This also accounts for somewhat strange movements of the ball on occasions but it does not affect the outcome which has already been decided. Random Number Generators at good online casinos such as those listed here at are checked on a regular basis so there is no real reason to doubt the outcome as being random but it is appreciated that some will always have mistrust of the result particularly when on a losing streak. Live casino does do away with the RNG and you can see the roulette ball fall into the winning number but whether that improves your chances of winning is questionable. Probably the biggest drawback of live casino is the limitation on the number of casino games that are available as only those games that actual require a dealer are included.

Popular casino gambling games such as roulette and blackjack are always there and generally there is either Baccarat or Punto Banco and possibly Caribbean Stud Poker but Craps for example is only at the online casino itself and of course the most played casino gambling games of all namely casino slots are never there. Despite live casino offering games without the use of an RNG there are still not that many people who use the option and it is suspected that this is because of the restricted games on offer. Roulette is played mostly by casual players at online casinos which means those that play occasionally for a bit of fun, have a budget, spread their bets around and hope for the best which a great way to play and have fun. Those people are unlikely to bother with the live casino especially as the game can be a little bit slower. Regular players, meaning those that play most days are either slots players or Blackjack players. The slots players have no choice but to stick with the regular online casino but the blackjack players are the ones most likely to go for the live casino. Blackjack gambling does have an element of individual input in deciding when to fold or when to draw a card and getting that right can have a very large affect on winning or losing. For this reason Blackjack is considered in some circles more of a game of skill than say slots where it is all down to luck and it is those players who are more likely to choose the live casino option so that they can see the cards being turned.

One other attraction of live casino for those that can afford it is size of stake which can be played for which can be far more than at the regular online casino. As an example at the very popular All Irish Casino you can play Blackjack for as little as €1 or as much as €5000 or roulette for a massive €75000. Considering the furore that is going on right now in the UK about reducing bets on Fixed Odds Betting Terminals in bookmakers from £100 it seems a rather pointless argument when online casinos offer far larger gambling stakes. Every online casino has a live casino option these days and to encourage you to try it out generally there is a bonus to be had when you play there for the first time even though you may have had an account and been playing at the regular online casino for some time. If you enjoy a bit of chat with a dealer then maybe this is for you but it is not worth doing simply to avoid the random number generator as your chances of winning are not going to be improved.