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Live casino gambling does not use a random number generator

By mr-gambling on 2018-02-04 16:23:56

Online gambling is great but there is really no substitute for attending a live sports event and doing your gambling there, especially if it horse racing where the atmosphere can be very exciting. Gambling online at a live casino is much the same but unfortunately there are not that many casinos in Ireland which means the best that can be done is the live casino option which can be found at most online casinos. Live casino and online casino may not appear to go together as how can it be live if it is online and the answer is of course means that live means that it is happening at the same time as you are playing and there are actual people involved. It does not mean that you can actually attend or be there in person. Every online casino game is of course happening at the same time as you are playing with the possible exception when you are gambling on lotteries but regular casino gambling games use a random number generator to determine the winning numbers. Random number generators are not new and have been used in various applications for some time, long before online casinos were even thought of the most common of which is possibly the UK’s Premium Bonds draw. The problem with RNGs in online gambling is that they are often not trusted. can assure Irish casino players however that online casinos listed on the site have their RNGs tested on a regular basis to ensure that the results are random. also appreciates that when losing at an online casino it is very easy to look for something or somebody to blame for your bad luck and the RNG is always an easy target. If you are one of those people then the live casino option is your answer. The live casino at All Irish Casino is very good and is brought to you from an actual casino on the island of Malta. As many readers will know Malta is a very big online gambling centre and anybody who has holidayed there will there will also know that there are a couple of very good casinos one of which is the Portomaso Casino and it is from here that the live pictures are streamed for the live casino option of All Irish Casino. All Irish Casino actually has two options for live casino with a separate room somewhere being used when the Portomaso casino is closed. The live pictures are of course not from the actual casino floor where other people are playing so it is still a separate room which has been equipped with the necessary tables but you can be sure that th croupiers and dealers are of a very professional standard. Other online casinos often have their live casino option streamed from somewhere in Eastern Europe and you will recognise this immediately by the appearance of the dealers. They are without doubt very attractive but whether they are professional is up to you to judge.

Whilst live casino is of course great fun and does away with the need for a random number generator there is a limitation of the casino games which can be played as only those that require a dealer will be available. This means for example that if you enjoy casino slots when casino gambling there is no point in going to the live casino option as there are no slots there. As casino slots are one of the most played casino games at online casinos many people will have never tried the lie casino option and probably never will. The same applies to casino gambling games such Craps where the players themselves have to throw the dice but if you are a lover of roulette or blackjack then there is plenty of choice. Other card games such as Baccarat, Caribbean Stud and Casino Hold’em are also often found. Live casino also gives you the chance to play for massive stakes so if you consider yourself a high roller you will feel very much at home with live casino.

It is interesting to note that most casino gambling is done at the regular online casino using random number generators and despite online casinos often offering special bonuses to new players at the live casino the take up is quite small. is not sure what this means. Does it mean that people trust the RNG more than they say? Is it only when they are losing that there is a problem or is it simply that most players prefer to remain totally anonymous and not have contact with others while gambling? Nobody knows for sure but suspects that the latter is the real reason. Online gambling is by the very nature a lonely pastime even if you are sports betting and most folk do not discuss their gambling with others except when they have a good win, in which case they are very pleased to share that information with others. Lose and there is silence. Many Irish casino players may also feel that having an attractive croupier or dealer also distracts then from the game and encourages them to play for higher stakes than they would otherwise do. This is noticeable at actual casinos where, to be fair, the minimum stake at a roulette table can be easily be €10 or the equivalent in other currencies or even higher at a blackjack table. This compares with €1 or even less at regular online casino play. There are of course plenty of high rollers who think nothing about staking €50 on a single number at roulette or €20 or €30 per spin on a slot machine but the large majority are not in that category and are playing for fun as much as trying to make substantial money but of course jackpots are always there to be won and they must be won by somebody so why not you? It is quite often the case that the really large jackpots can only be won by those playing for the maximum stale per line but you do not have to be playing the maximum number of lines as well.