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Let it ride is online gambling against the house

By mr-gambling on 2015-05-04 11:04:06

If you are what is known as a social poker player then poker gambling online against other players is possibly not what you are looking for but there is an alternative which is available at most online casinos and that is called Let it Ride poker or let it ride for short. In let it ride gambling you are not playing against other players and you cannot be bluffed out of a winning hand plus you can only lose what you stake which makes it a simple gambling game played against the house although the house does not actually have a hand. When gambling on let it ride the idea is to achieve a pair of tens or better and if you do then you win, it really is that simple. The game progresses as follows; first you place three identical bets (this may seem strange but you later have the option of removing two of those bets) after which five cards are dealt of which three are face up. Based on those cards you must decide whether with the next two cards you can form a five card poker hand of a pair of tens or better and this is where online gambling on let it ride gets interesting as if you do not fancy your chances then you simply withdraw one of your three bets but this is not the same as folding as you are still in the game at this stage. Your alternative to withdrawing a bet is to let it ride which is where the name of this gambling game comes from. After this decision is made a fourth card is revealed and the process is repeated giving you another chance to withdraw a bet or let it ride. In let it ride gambling each decision is independent of the other. Finally the last card is revealed and you either have a winning hand or not and the payout is even money against whatever you have remaining on the table. Try online gambling on let it ride and you will see what fun it can be.