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Irish cricket gambling fans are hopeful of a good world cup

By mr-gambling on 2015-01-14 10:40:16

One of the more significant effects of the introduction of online gambling has been the huge increase in gambling opportunities it has provided. Most of the online casino gambling sites now offer over two hundred casino gambling games for us to choose from, and the sports gambling sites also offer us the chance to gamble on almost every sporting event you can think of, anywhere in the world. This has meant that some sports which were not major gambling activities in countries such as Ireland now attract far more interest. Cricket for instance is a good example of this phenomena. Whilst gambling on cricket is almost a national pastime in countries such as India, there was very little interest in cricket gambling in Ireland. This is of course partly due to the fact that Ireland are not yet considered to be a major cricket playing country and do not yet have test status, but events such as the impending cricket world cup will undoubtedly create more interest over the next two months. Irish cricket gambling fans will hope for a good performance from Ireland in this tournament to add further weight to their growing claims to be awarded test status, which in turn would raise the profile of the sport in the country and enhance their future prospects in the sport on the world stage. The Ireland team are currently engaged in a tri-nations tournament in Dubai, with Afghanistan and Scotland, but all Irish fans of gambling on cricket will have their eyes on Ireland’s first match against the West Indies on the 16th February in New Zealand. With Ireland’s group also including teams such as India, South Africa and Pakistan, a good result in this first match is essential if they are to qualify in the top four and progress to the knock-out stages. If you are a fan of gambling on cricket and fancy their chances, Paddy Power are offering 17/2 on qualification. We wish them the best of luck.