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Internationals take centre stage for football gambling fans

By mr-gambling on 2012-09-05 11:44:31

Irish football gambling fans who enjoy gambling on the English Premier League could well be feeling a little frustrated by the fact that no sooner has the season started with some of the new signings already making an impact, than it is suspended for World Cup Qualifiers. Enthusiasts of gambling on football are of course almost never short of a gambling opportunity once the season has started, but for many it is the televised Premier League matches which attract most of their attention. The World Cup qualifiers are of course important matches, and all the home nations including Ireland open their campaigns this week. Ireland start with a long trip to Kazakhstan in Group C, which most Irish football gambling fans will hope will provide a winning start. Northern Ireland also face a long trip, and on paper a much more difficult opening match against Russia. This week also sees qualifying matches for the European Under-21 football championships which provides another football gambling opportunity for Irish sports gambling fans to follow their team. Ireland are away to Hungary on Thursday in Group 7 of this tournament, and we wish them luck. Next week there are also a full range of World Cup qualifying matches for football gambling fans to enjoy, and Ireland have their first home match of tournament, this time a much more difficult test against Group C favourites Germany. Qualifying matches this early in the season can throw up some surprising results, and even a draw would give Ireland a good start in their campaign to reach the Finals. Sports gambling fans have had a good summer with a huge variety of Olympic sports to ponder, but football and horse racing will always be the major gambling sports in Ireland so we look forward to a rewarding season.