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How strong is gambling on motor racing

By mr-gambling on 2013-10-18 10:18:53

In Ireland as in many other parts of the world sports gambling takes many forms, although football and horse racing are undoubtedly the favourites. In fact if we ignore global team sports such as football, sports gambling is and always has been focussed on racing in one form or another, whether it be humans, horses, dogs or even camels. As we have developed different forms of transport throughout history, so our love of racing has been turned towards racing these machines and of course gambling on these races automatically followed. Motor car racing and Formula One motor racing in particular has become a huge global business over recent years, and as more countries have bid to stage a FI Grand Prix so gambling on motor racing has spread worldwide. This form of sports gambling can however suffer from falls in popularity as well as surges, and there are worries being expressed recently that F1 racing is going through another spell of increasing predictability and gambling on motor racing will suffer accordingly. Lewis Hamilton recently commented that the dominance of Sebastian Vettel and Red Bull has now reached the same level as the Michael Schumacher years during which the race results were so predictable that interest in Formula One racing fell and motor race gambling inevitably suffered. Formula One is the pinnacle of the sport of motor racing, and will therefore also be the prime target for fans of gambling on motor racing, so sports gambling fans will be worried that this situation may continue for some time. In fact the whole financial structure of Formula One sometimes seems to be designed to ensure that the sport will continue to be dominated by the top teams, with new teams destined to forever be struggling to compete. Perhaps the sport of F1 motor racing and gambling on F1 racing is due for a severe shock, and may even learn from the experience or maybe not.