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Have you tried Omaha poker yet

By mr-gambling on 2011-11-12 08:44:02

Poker gambling at a casino in Ireland is generally confined to the Texas Hold’em form of the game, or in a few cases one of the stud poker formats. Texas Hold’em has achieved its popularity because of the number of gambling rounds associated with each hand and the use of community cards, but there is now another form of poker available to those of us gambling at some online casinos called Omaha poker. Gambling on Omaha poker is very similar to playing Texas Hold’em, in that you are required to make the best  5 card poker hand from a combination of hole cards and community cards, in this case though each player has four hole cards instead of two which increases the number of potential winning hands during the early betting rounds. We have explained the rules of Omaha poker in our casino games pages, but there is one element of Omaha poker which should be noted right from the start, namely that each gambler must use two and only two of their hole cards in their final hand. If you are new to Omaha poker gambling, this can make assessment of the value of your hand in the early stages a bit more complicated. For example, players with experience of gambling on Omaha poker would prefer to have a pair in their hole cards rather than three of a kind because they can only use two hole cards and the chances of making three of a kind from the community cards are reduced because only one matching card remains in the pack. There is one other fact inherent in the Omaha poker format, and that is there is no possibility of there being two flushes of different suits in the final showdown, because any flush must include three community cards of the same suit. Once you have mastered these differences between Omaha poker and Texas Hold’em, gambling on Omaha poker has all the excitement and tension of the multiple betting rounds and the potentially higher value winning hands, and is great entertainment. Try it in free play first, we think you’ll enjoy gambling on Omaha poker just as much as Texas Hold’em.