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Good casino software is essential for online casino gambling

By mr-gambling on 2017-12-29 11:40:14

Suddenly Christmas is over and everybody is looking forwards to the New Year. If Christmas has been an expensive period, and it always is, then possibly 2018 might bring you some sudden winnings from online gambling. really hopes it does which might sound strange until you realise that does not operate any form of gambling online but merely advises where the best places are for online gambling. If you win it’s great. There are of course different forms of online gambling but the two most popular are sports gambling and casino gambling and they are very different but surprisingly those who like gambling online often do both. Online casino gambling always has the usual culprits of roulette and blackjack but once you get into the casino slots area then the games available depends on the casino software being used. Sports gambling is also taking new steps all the time and with software advances, in play betting is proving very popular and the range of possible bets on sporting events goes way beyond who wins. Sports gambling however has another twist in that it is a sort of battle between the bookmaker and the punter. The bookmaker sets the odds according to who they think will win and the punter tries to prove them wrong. There is somehow more satisfaction in correctly picking a 10:1 horse then there is in picking a single number in roulette which pays at 35:1.

There are however similarities between online casino gambling and online sports gambling as in either you can be a low risk player or a high risk player. In terms of horse racing this equates to the person who always backs the favourite which may result in frequent wins but those wins will only be at small odds versus those that never back the favourite and often go for an outsider at big odds. Simple and well known casino games such as Roulette also have a large variety of possible bets which can be placed according your risk preference when gambling  so placing bets on red or black will guarantee frequent wins but only at even money whereas playing single numbers will provide far less frequency of wins but at much larger odds. The largest odds when gambling online at online casinos can be found at the casino slots and especially those that carry progressive jackpots which can run into the millions of Euro for very modest stakes. Your chances of winning such large amounts are very small but it is probably better than the chances of winning the lottery and look how many people play that on a regular basis. Casino slots gambling is not all about jackpots however as there are some very tidy wins to be had in relation to the stakes at most slots but these slots are also about entertainment and this is where the casino software is important in creating the fun aspect of the game. The original casino slots were simply three reels with fruit symbols and it could not be called entertainment but today’s slots are completely different.

To take an example, one of the larger casino software companies called NetEnt (short for Net Entertainment) has a couple of casino slots one of which particularly likes which is called Gonzo’s Quest. Gonzo is an intrepid explorer in darkest Peru and he is searching for his fortune which is a bit like the online casino player but in this casino slot Gonzo is never far away and in fact he stands by the side watching every spin. Sometimes when the game does quiet he may scratch his beard or for a good win play with his hat. The slot itself is also a little bit different in that instead of having fifteen symbols on five separate reels all symbols can move independently from each other which enables the win multiplier to work more effectively. The symbols themselves are Aztec themed and are carved onto stone blocks and when a winning line is triggered those blocks literally explode and the win multiplier moves to 2X. The spaces created by blocks exploding are filled by those above dropping down or new ones appearing. If this new arrangement results in another win the process repeats itself and the win multiplier moves to 3X. There is no limit to the number of successive wins that are possible but the win multiplier stops at 5X or at least it does in the standard game but there is a bonus game. Gambling online at this casino slot can be very lucrative indeed if you can get into the bonus game which is called free falls. These are very similar to free spins and just three free falls symbols on a winning line gives 10 free spins in the bonus game. Gonzo will be overjoyed and he will escort you through the standard screen into the bonus game. The game in this mode is essentially the same except that the win multiplier starts at 3X and can go to 15X with just three successive wins so the winnings really mount up. It is also possible to win more free spins whilst in the free spins mode.

This casino slot is available at several on the online casinos listed including All Irish Casino as long as they have NetEnt casino software. Online gambling is a challenge when sports gambling and a little knowledge can go a long way but online casino gambling generally requires no skill at all. Pure luck is the answer which is why it remains very popular. 2018 is around the corner and wishes everybody who plays the very best of luck. If you are new to gambling online then follow the recommendations on these pages and although that will not guarantee success in your gambling it will at least make sure that are playing at a responsible and correctly licensed online casino which uses a reputable casino software where honest games are played.