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Gambling on rugby is now an all year round sports gambling option

By mr-gambling on 2016-04-26 09:59:57

Apart from horse racing and football it is difficult to assess the popularity of other sports gambling activities in Ireland. Clearly gambling on football or horse racing far outstrips anything other form of gambling in the country, including casino gambling and even bingo, but that does not mean we should ignore the minor gambling sports. Take rugby for example, gambling on rugby particularly during the annual Six-Nations tournament is very popular among Irish sports gambling fans, although it is probably influenced by how successful the Ireland team are in the competition. After several years during which many observers were convinced that Ireland were punching above their weight in terms of the pool of players they could pick from, this year has probably been a little disappointing for Irish rugby gambling fans. The national side has been hit by several high profile retirements and a long injury list, but even the provincial sides have struggled this year in the European Cup after a good run. Fans of gambling on rugby will hope that this season is just part of the usual cycle of success and failure suffered by almost every team. We often comment that online sports gambling has made gambling on many sports an all year round opportunity, and gambling on rugby is no different. In fact in common with many other professional sports rugby not only has the normal Northern and Southern hemisphere seasons, there are also the off season tours for the National sides. Really keen rugby gambling fans almost certainly follow Southern hemisphere rugby as a matter of course, but even those of us who tend to restrict our rugby gambling to following our National side now have the chance to continue gambling on rugby all year round.