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Gambling online at an online casino has plenty of variety and entertainment

By mr-gambling on 2017-10-02 14:12:23

The changes in online gambling over recent years seem to be more about new special offers in the sports gambling world such as in play betting or very recently an offer of triple the odds in horse racing if a horse wins by more than three lengths. As is often the case however with special offers when gambling online they are well thought out by the bookmaker long before the offer is made. For example this latest offer only applied to one race which was known to hotly contested and it was a sprint anyway so the chances of any horse winning by that margin was pretty remote. With casino gambling however there are quite often changes or new online casinos appearing which can give the customer more options. One such example is called Instacasino and although we refer to it as new it has been in operation since September of 2015 and was in testing and development for a year before that. It is not absolutely clear where the name of Instacasino comes from but thinks that it is probably a play on words from instant casino and from that point of view it is true that it requires no download and can therefore be played anywhere you are even on your mobile device.

Online casino gambling is gathering in popularity particularly in Ireland where there is no real Irish casino as can be seen by the published results of any of the listed online gambling companies who often quote the increase in the internet side of the business. This means that there is a pool of people interested in online gambling at a casino but just need to find the right place to do so. Instacasino might just fit the bill for a number of these people. The online casino is not the biggest but that can work as an advantage as payments can be faster and help can be given more quickly but the important thing about any small online casino is that it is correctly licensed and provides a good range of casino games. Instacasino fulfils both these requirements being licensed by probably the best known organisation for online gaming licensing, namely the Malta Gaming Authority and having excellent casino software. It really is the casino software which sets Instacasino apart from many others as instead of selecting a single casino software supplier they have elected to select casino slots from several different suppliers to give the online gambling customer a great choice. A good online casino will always have casino slots which offer large jackpots as there are players who target these games so Instacasino has slots such as Mega Moolah™ and Major Millions™ which have jackpots running into the many millions of Euro on a regular basis. These are slots by the casino software company Quickfire which is part of Microgaming but NetEnt casino software also has considerable jackpots with slots such as Mega Fortune™ which is also on the site. The idea is clearly to offer so much choice that there is no need to go anywhere else.

NetEnt casino software has many casino slots and some of them are well known in the online casino gambling world for being a bit quirky and very entertaining. Two in particular which are worth looking at if you have never tried them are Gonzo’s Quest ™ and Jack Hammer™. Jack Hammer 2™ is also there with very similar characteristics. Each of these offers something slightly different from the regular 5 reel casino slots for more entertainment value as well as providing a great chance of winning. Gonzo’s Quest™ is a sort of Aztec themed slot taking place in Peru where Gonzo himself is an explorer and treasure seeker. He is a friendly character who stands by the side of the slot carefully watching what happens and is only too glad to join in the celebrations when you win with a bit of hat twirling. The real twist and what makes this different from the average 5 reel slot is that all fifteen symbols which are visible are totally independent of each other. Following the explorer and Aztec themes the rather strange symbols are actually “carved” onto blocks of stone and when a winning combination is achieved then the blocks which form part of that winning combination explode. Two things then happen, firstly the exploded blocks are replaced either by the block above the winning one dropping down or if it was in the top row being replaced altogether. The second thing that happens is that a win multiplier moves from 1X to 2X which means that if the new arrangement of blocks also forms a winning line then it pays out at double the normal odds. This all happens automatically so there is no need to intervene or make any additional stakes. It does not stop there however as after the second win again the exploded blocks are replaced and the win multiplier moves on to 3X and subsequently 5X with successive wins. If you are fortunate enough to get into the free spins mode which is actually called free falls in this casino slots then the win multiplier starts at 3X and moves subsequently right up to 15X which can give some pretty impressive wins.

The other online gambling slot mentioned to look at in Instacasino is Jack Hammer™ and this also uses fifteen independent symbols instead of fixed reels but in this case the slot has a feature which they call Sticky Wins™ With this arrangement all winning symbols are held and all others are spun again to see if the win can be improved upon. Once again no intervention is required as the process is automatic and it repeats and repeats until there is no improvement in the win after which the highest win or wins is paid out. There are wilds to help along the way and a free spins where all wins are tripled. The requirement to enter the free spins mode is 5 free spins symbols but the Sticky Wins™ feature also applies to the free spins symbols so even three will be held with the possibility of reaching five becoming realistic.