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Gambling on the GAA sports remains popular in Ireland

By mr-gambling on 2015-10-29 12:46:31

Nowadays the most popular sports gambling activity all over the world is probably football because it is the most widely played sport. In Ireland the main competition for football in terms of sports gambling is of course horse racing, but sports gambling fans in Ireland also have a choice of sports which for the most part are exclusive to our island. We refer of course to the GAA sports, particularly football and hurling which are both also very popular among Irish sports gambling enthusiasts. We are not quite sure where gambling on GAA sports comes in terms of popularity overall but there is no doubt that fans of GAA sports gambling are fanatical in their support for these almost exclusive sports. The GAA football and hurling seasons are now well underway and the top teams will already be striving to make the All Ireland Senior Finals. GAA sports gambling fans are also already gambling on the overall winners of both the All Ireland Senior Football championship and the equivalent title in the Senior Hurling Championship, and a quick look at the odds being quoted by Paddy Power does not indicate a belief that there will be too many surprises. It is very early days yet in both of these senior championships but Dublin, Kerry and Mayo are again clear favourites for the GAA Football Senior Championship, with Kilkenny, Tipperary, Galway and Clare leading the betting for the Senior Hurling Championship. GAA sports gambling fans will be watching carefully as their favourites seek to qualify from their respective provincial championships over the next few weeks, and the interest in gambling on GAA sports will no doubt increase across the country as the season progresses. Gambling on GAA sports is a uniquely Irish sports gambling opportunity and that is a good enough reason for many of us to get involved.