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Gambling on motor racing needs competition

By mr-gambling on 2014-05-26 08:05:44

Since the advent of online gambling the range of sports gambling choices has increased dramatically. This has led to many previously considered to be minority sports gaining substantially more support from sports gambling fans. One of these sports is undoubtedly motor racing, particularly formula one motor racing which seems to be getting bigger every year to the extent that gambling on motor racing is now a worldwide gambling activity. F1 motor racing has had it’s ups and downs over recent years and the dominance of Red Bull and Sebastion Vettel has not necessarily encouraged gambling on F1 racing because the results were almost a foregone conclusion. This year of course has seen a revolution in the sport with the introduction of new rules and brand new quieter, more fuel efficient cars, but if the first few races are anything to go by we still have a dominant car with Mercedes winning every race so far. The difference this time in terms of F1 motor race gambling is that both Mercedes drivers are competing for the world championship, apparently with the blessing of the team. This weekend the Monaco Grand Prix really did up the ante in what is clearly going to be a serious contest between Lewis Hamilton and his teammate Nico Rosberg, with Rosberg taking the race and ending Hamilton’s winning streak. Fans of gambling on F1 racing will have their own ideas on whether Rosberg deliberately ran off the road in the final qualifying lap to halt what looked like being a pole position for Hamilton, but the incident has certainly added spice to the rest of the formula one series. It looks as if motor race gambling fans are going to have a really competitive season ahead of them, which can only be good for a sport that seems to thrive on controversy.