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Gambling on motor racing is worldwide

By mr-gambling on 2015-08-10 12:04:36

When it comes to sports gambling there are clearly two sports which attract the most interest, namely horse racing and football. The amount of money spent gambling on other sports does not come close to either of these, but that does not mean we should ignore them. Online sports gambling has made gambling on the so called minor interest sports far easier than it used to be and has raised the gambling profile of several sports all over the world. In India for instance gambling on cricket is the number one sports gambling activity, whereas in America gambling on baseball and American football easily beats soccer. There are however few sports apart from football that could be considered a global activity, but motor racing in the form of Formula One may be one of them. There are now nineteen races on the F1 circuit spread across every continent and gambling on motor racing is becoming a popular pastime all over the world. As with many sports it is television coverage which drives the interest from the public and every one of the nineteen F1 races is now screened all over the world, so it is not surprising that gambling on F1 races is growing. There are people who would argue that motor racing at this level is such a technical sport that very few drivers or teams line up on the grid expecting or even hoping to win, but one could easily argue that the same applies to the English Premiership League in football. Even though the Mercedes team of Hamilton and Rosberg has been dominant all year, the Hungarian Grand Prix was a perfect example of what can happen when it comes to the race. Clearly gambling on F1 racing is no easier than picking a winner from Chelsea, Arsenal and the two Manchester sides. It is also obvious to F1 race gambling fans that Ferrari and Williams are starting to close the gap on Mercedes so the remaining nine races starting with the Belgian GP in two week’s time may yet spring a few surprises.