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Gambling on greyhound racing is making a comeback

By mr-gambling on 2015-04-12 11:31:31

For sports gambling fans who enjoy gambling on horse racing yesterday was one of the biggest gambling days of the year with the Grand National at Aintree. In fact the Grand National is one of those special sports gambling events which attracts vast numbers of people who do not normally participate in sports gambling on a regular basis at all. In Ireland of course we enjoy gambling on horse racing more than any other gambling activity, but there is another form of racing which is definitely making a comeback after a few years in the doldrums and that is greyhound racing. Often considered to be the poor relation of horse racing, gambling on greyhound racing suffered for many years from lack of investment in the tracks and facilities even though it has always been an exciting sports gambling activity. Nowadays we have eighteen greyhound tracks in Ireland, most of which have been updated over recent years to include excellent hospitality facilities more conducive to modern requirements. It is now possible at most tracks to watch greyhound racing from a restaurant table or the bar and to enjoy gambling on greyhound racing without even leaving your seat. Most of the tracks offer regular race nights every week and between them offer the opportunity for greyhound enthusiasts to enjoy gambling on greyhound racing almost every night of the week. Of course gambling on greyhound racing, like many other sports gambling activities is even more exciting when you are at the track and there are now so many good greyhound tracks spread around the country that a visit to a greyhound track is relatively easy for most of us. For sports gambling fans who are open to new gambling opportunities an evening at a greyhound race meeting is now a rewarding and enjoyable night out with good food and pleasant surroundings, so why not give it a go. Greyhound racing along with many other so called minor sports needs our support to survive.