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Gambling on greyhound racing is increasingly popular

By mr-gambling on 2015-08-02 08:22:04

Sports gambling fans in Ireland who enjoy going to the races are generally thought to be horse racing enthusiasts, but nowadays that is not always the case. After many years in the doldrums gambling on greyhound racing has made a comeback and interest in greyhound race gambling is growing all the time. Gone are the days when a night at the local greyhound track was a fairly drab affair with poor facilities and little or no refreshments. Almost all of Ireland’s nineteen greyhound tracks have been upgraded and refurbished over recent years, and they all actively go out to attract a much wider audience with superb facilities and hospitality packages, good food and of course exciting racing. Many sports gambling fans now prefer to visit their local greyhound track and spend an evening gambling on greyhound racing rather than gambling on horse racing. One of the reasons of course is that greyhound race gambling is often much easier. The races are quick and easy to watch, and they often involve local dogs and owners making a night at the races a community affair for many. In Ireland there are greyhound race tracks spread all over the country so that gambling on greyhound racing is often more accessible than horse racing. Add to that the regular weekly meetings put on by all the greyhound tracks in Ireland, often three or four meetings every week, and it is clear to see why greyhound race gambling is becoming increasingly popular for many sports gambling enthusiasts. Even if you do not actually attend the track there is at least one greyhound race meeting every day of the week, and therefore plenty of opportunity for greyhound race gambling all year round.