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Gambling on F1 motor racing looks more open this year

By mr-gambling on 2012-04-18 11:03:58

Although Formula One motor racing is now a global sport televised all over the world, it has yet to become a major sports gambling activity in Ireland. This is in part due to the overwhelming dominance of the Red Bull team and Sebastion Vettel over the past two seasons, which has tended to make F1 motor racing fairly predictable and inevitably the bookmakers have been offering unattractive odds. Already this season is looking far more open, and gambling on F1 motor racing may well start to grow. So far after just three races there have been three different winners, and probably more significant for motor race gambling fans, three different manufacturers have taken the chequered flag. With Ferrari, McLaren and now Mercedes all having won a race this year, both the Driver’s Championship and the Manufacturer’s Championship appear to be there for the taking. It now looks as if the next race in Bahrain may well go ahead this weekend, barring a further deterioration in the safety situation, and Irish motor race gambling fans will get another chance to pick a winner. Will Mercedes continue to show the extremely fast pace they had in China, and if so will Michael Schumacher finally win another Grand Prix. The McLarens of Button and Hamilton currently lead both the Driver’s and the Constructor’s table, but will Hamilton be able to convert his qualifying speed into a race victory in Bahrain. This season it looks as if gambling on F1 racing may well be an interesting experience, with no one car or driver racing ahead of the pack, and as we have already seen the race tactics and the efficiency of the pit crews will affect the result. Sports gambling fans could have an exciting motor racing season.