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Gambling on cricket is big business worldwide

By mr-gambling on 2015-05-10 10:52:05

As we have commented many times before on these pages here at the introduction of online sports gambling has provided sports gambling fans with the opportunity to follow a much wider range of sports. It has also meant that for most sports gambling fans they are no longer restricted to the sports which happen to be in season here in Ireland. The money involved in professional sport nowadays means that the leading players in most sports are playing almost all year round somewhere in the world, which inevitably means that the opportunities for gambling on those sports are also not limited to specific seasons. For example cricket has a relatively short season in Ireland, and although gambling on cricket is hardly one of the biggest gambling activities here cricket gambling is huge in many parts of the world, particularly in India where it is by far the biggest sports gambling activity of all. Even here in Ireland gambling on cricket is growing for two reasons. The first of these is the continuing expansion of one-day cricket, particularly twenty 20 cricket. Shorter games has meant that results are obtained much quicker, runs are generally scored at a faster rate and the whole game is played at a quicker pace. This has opened the door for in-play cricket gambling opportunities to be introduced by the bookmakers. The second reason for the increasing interest in cricket gambling in Ireland is the growing success of the national team, particularly their recent world cup performances which can only have strengthened Ireland’s cause in achieving test status. We should also not forget that the Indian Premier League has not just given a boost to cricket gambling in India, worldwide television coverage has meant that these one-day matches involving most of the best players are available for cricket fans to watch all over the world.