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Gambling on craps can be very easy

By mr-gambling on 2013-04-11 16:46:45

Anybody who has seen gambling on television will almost certainly have seen a craps table with everybody shouting and getting very excited and it seems from a distance a very difficult gambling casino game but in actual fact gambling on craps can be very easy. Craps gambling is after all only trying to predict the outcome of a throw of two dice and the simple bets are the “pass line bet” and the “don’t pass line bet” and once placed, these bets are valid until they win or lose and we would advise you to check our casino craps page to understand what these bets are. Where craps gambling becomes a little more complicated is when the pass line or don’t pass line bets are not won straight away and we then have a situation where what is called “the point” is formed which is basically the number which has been thrown. At this stage in craps gambling you have two more bets which can be placed and they are known as the “come bet” and the “don’t come bet”. The come bet when gambling on craps wins when the next throw after the point is a 2 or a 3 but loses if on a 7 or 11 with 12 being a push; the don’t come bet is exactly the reverse with 12 still being a push. All the time this is happening the original pass, line or don’t pass line bets are still valid. As you can gather all of this gambling on craps can take quite a few throws of the dice to settle which is why it can and does become quite noisy. Gambling on craps at an online casino is of course much quieter but all the same bets are available and all the same excitement appears. Try free online gambling on craps to get the hang of it; it can be great fun.