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Gambling on Craps can be easy

By mr-gambling on 2011-04-22 14:15:38

If you have ever been in a land based casino where people are gambling on craps you will have heard a lot of noise and people shouting strange names like “snake eyes” and if you have ever watched it being played without having studied the rules you will not understand any of it. However gambling on craps is actually quite simple and in an online casino you are spared all the shouting and you can take your time to place your bets making it a much better experience for the gamblers new to craps. There are a number of bets which can be placed on a craps table but for beginners it may be better to stick to the simple bets which are the “pass Line” and “don’t pass line” bets. Craps gambling is very simple if you stick to these bets. Two dice are used for craps so there are only a certain number of combinations possible (11 in fact); if the total of the two dice thrown is 7 or 11 a “pass line” bet wins and a “don’t pass line” bet loses but if the total is 2,3 or 12 which is actually called craps, the “pass line” bet loses and a “don’t pass” line bet wins on 2 or 3 but is a push on 12. For any other outcome of the two dice whatever number comes up is called “the point” and a further throw or throws is required to determine the outcome of the bets. There are a number of other gambling bets which can be made at this time but if you are playing the Pass line/Don’t pass line bets you need do nothing. The dice are re-thrown until either “the point” number is thrown or a 7 is thrown whichever comes up first determines the outcome. If the point is thrown first then the pass line bet wins and the Don’t pass line bet loses but if a 7 is thrown first the reverse is true.