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Gambling on Caribbean Stud is simplicity itself

By mr-gambling on 2013-11-17 10:10:46

One of the advantages of online gambling and online casinos in particular is that you can try your hand at new casino games that you might otherwise not come across and one casino games that falls into that category is Caribbean Stud poker. Gambling on Caribbean Stud is not as difficult as some might imagine and the very name of poker is enough to put some people off although Caribbean Stud bears little resemblance to other poker games such as Texas Holdem. Gambling on Caribbean Stud is actually simplicity itself and although the idea is to form a five card poker hand there is no bluffing or changing of cards, it is you against the dealer and the best hand wins. Caribbean stud starts by the player placing an ante bet after which the cards are dealt. You can of course see all your cards but only one of the dealers cards is exposed and based upon this information you must decide whether to play or not. Should you decide to fold at this stage your ante bet will be lost and the hand ceases immediately however should you decide to go on you will place a raise bet which is exactly equal to twice your ante bet. Caribbean stud gambling has the advantage that you know exactly what your outlay is for every hand. Having decided to go on, the dealers hand will be exposed and the best hand wins with one proviso. In Caribbean stud gambling the dealer must have what is called a qualifying hand for the bet to be valid and that is generally an Ace and King or better. This means that if the dealer has a qualifying hand and you win you get paid out on both your ante and raise bets but if not your raise bet is simply returned but your ante is paid out.