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Gambling on Caribbean Stud gives you a good chance of winning

By mr-gambling on 2011-11-28 12:08:55

Every gambling casino player has heard of Caribbean Stud or Caribbean Stud Poker to give it the full name but very few actually play preferring instead to stick with roulette, blackjack or slots but more often than not it is simply that few people know how to play. This is actually a shame as Caribbean Stud is very easy to learn and play and can provide lots of fun in an online casino with a very good chance of winning. As the name suggests, gambling on Caribbean Stud is similar to gambling on poker but the only real similarity between Caribbean Stud and other poker games is the hand values; in Caribbean Stud there is no bluffing and if you have the better hand you will win. In Caribbean stud gambling you are playing against the dealer and only two hands of five cards are dealt with the better hand winning but obviously the dealer has to have a small advantage as is the case in any other casino game. The dealer advantage is however quite small and in a similar way to blackjack you need to decide whether you want to play or not before the dealers cards are revealed; if you choose not to play then you lose your ante regardless of what cards the dealer has. Some Caribbean stud gamblers will advocate playing nearly every hand only forfeiting the ante in the event that your chances of winning are extremely poor but deciding to play means that you have to place another bet of equal size to your original ante bet but as long as you know this you can adjust your ante bet accordingly. The other important point when gambling on Caribbean Stud is that in order for the dealer to play they must have what is called a qualifying hand which is generally and Ace and King or better. If this does not happen the hand does not progress but you will win at even money on your ante bet if you have placed a raise bet. Caribbean stud is a quick and easy gambling game and well worth a try at your chosen online casino.