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Gambling on Brag is against other players

By mr-gambling on 2015-05-24 13:32:53

When online gambling there is always an advantage to the online gambling provider whether that be in the house edge in an online casino or indeed the odds offered at online sports gambling but there are games where this is not the case and one of those is Brag. In online Brag gambling the online casino makes its money from the rake leaving you to play against other players in the same way as online poker operates. Unfortunately online brag is not that popular which means that not all online casinos carry the game in their line up but fortunately for the Irish gambling public it is available at Paddy Power casino in the player section. There are a couple of other online casinos that claim to have brag gambling but they are games played against the house which is not the same. Gambling on brag is actually very simple as there are only three cards dealt to each player and only two betting rounds plus the size of each bet is limited by the table stakes which enables you to work out the worst possible scenario for each hand. Brag gambling is slightly complicated by the ability to play “blind” meaning without having seen your cards which may seem a little strange but your stake is only half what it would be had you seen your cards and anyway after the first round of betting in brag gambling you have the chance to change any number of cards. The rules are fairly straightforward but you should read them before you start brag gambling and if you are familiar with online poker then watch out for things like a straight beats a flush in brag gambling and the highest straight is Ace,Two,Three not AKQ. Three of a kind is the highest hand and the highest is three threes.